Fruit, Fruit and More Fruit

Cool Fresh fetches fresh fruit from all over the world, and brings it to you in the fastest, cleanest manner possible. Packed in cool brands which support social and environmental projects in many countries. Our active involvement in making the world a better place makes it possible for our business to operate profitably, at the same time adding value to the people around us as well as to the environment.

We Practice What We Preach

(and we can prove it!)


We believe that a business can be profitable as well as a good global citizen at the same time. Our hands-on approach to finding sustainable solutions to social and enviromental challenges enables us to create leadership projects such as Stars in their Eyes and Value Chain in Costa Rica. This shows how commited we are to making a positive contribution to the world.


First come the innovators, then come the imitators, and then come the idiots...
Our history proves that we are neither imitators nor idiots! For many years we have been swimming upstream. We do not wait for things to overcome us, instead we choose change. A project such as Let’s go topless demonstrates our ability of turning good ideas into creative action.


'Education is the most powerful weapon which you use to change the world.' This beautiful saying by one of the world’s greatest leaders Nelson Mandela is at the core of our philosophy. Not only do we support our own employees in their quest for knowledge, we also support education projects such as Little Libraries in South Africa and La Perla Costa Rica.

Our Brands

Called one of the most beautiful places on earth, Costa Rica is also home to BonSweet Pineapples. Read More ...

Freedom Fruit is one of the oldest ethical brands in Europe, and is proud that its 'Doing Right By Buying Right' approach still works. Read More ...

BonJus is our brilliantly beautiful and gorgeously graphic brand for grapes, citrus and exotic fruits. Shipped from Spain to South Africa. Read More ...

BonChi is our flagship brand for garlic and ginger from China. Top quality, on time, every time! Read More ...

Join the Adventure

Fruit Adventure

Let's Go Topless

Travel & Food

The Cool Fresh team travels all over the world, experiencing crazy adventures and sometimes eating even crazier food!

Travel with us!


They say we have a bit of an attitude. They are wrong: we have a lot of it!

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For a company that has so much fun, we are a really serious bunch when it comes to food safety. Our complete range of formal certifications can be viewed and downloaded here.

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