CFI People

Martin van Houwelingen

Warehousing & Distribution

Peter Bogers

Warehousing & Distribution

Paul Gruijs

Warehousing & Distribution

Erwin Kloosterman

Customs and Logistics

Niels Stolk

Retail Director

Hans Oosterman

Commercial Executive

Tom Oosterman


Willem Stofregen

Warehousing & Distribution

Sander Kleinjan


Jano Hogebrug

Commercial Executive

Emir Duric

Warehousing and Distribution

Paul van Douwen


Christiaan van der Goes

Logistics & Customs

Johan in t Veld

International Projects Director

Mark Tieleman

Commercial Executive

Erik de Vries

Warehousing & Distribution

Michel Helderman

Financial Manager

Dirk-Jan van Elzelingen


Marco van Cappellen

Finance & Administration

Arie Havelaar

Overseas Executive

Dennis Molenaar

Commercial Executive

Peter van der Sandt

Commercial Executive

Anton Geraskin

Russia and Ukraine

Galiek Mohabbat

Logistics Coordinator

Alex Broekhuizen

Warehousing & Distribution

Vonny Binda

Administrative Assistant

Hugo Vermeulen

CEO Cool Fresh International

Mario de Goede

Commercial Executive

Sergey Geraskin

Russia & Ukraine Executive

Loek Schoenmaker


Jean Paul van Wijk

Sales Director

Steven van Geldere

Finance & Administration

Nic Jooste

Corporate Communications

Andy Roodenburg

Warehousing & Distribution

Natasja Hobers Verhoeven

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Cool Fresh News

Highlights Summer 2015

Here it is...

Our Summer 2015 edition of 'Highlights', the product overview for the months of July, August and September.

Please click on the image below for access to the complete newsletter.

And make sure that you follow the links on the newsletter!



Highlights May 2015

Our team of product managers has compiled a solid list of products which will be coming available during the second quarter of 2015.

In addition, we have added some additional information regarding interesting product characteristics.

Please click here to read the complete news bulletin.


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